Sunday, January 1, 2012

A dear one asked me to get back to writing my blog again. My old blog chronicled our journey from homeschooling to unschooling and on to radically unschooling.  It was a lovely blog to hold on to and post photos and little stories at. But with Raghu turning 9 in a month, Zoya turning 6 soon and Ravi and I being together for over 14 years, i feel like a new blog is in order. A new blog at the start of a new year.

While thinking of a name for this blog the word 'Shine' kept cropping up, or its variants, as it seemed to describe much of our life.  Attending the Shine Conference at Jellystone Park in NY a few months ago has kept the word shine up and foremost in our minds.  So 'The Bharadwaj Shine' seems like a happy title for this next phase of chronicling our journey as a family (unschooling, no school, living life with children, inner journeys etc..).

Trying to figure out how to stay in tune with my inner self and outer self is looking like a big part of my current journey.  Not in order but rather all in their own time and way.... the vision of Auroville, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, Natalie Goldberg, my dear Ravi, Urmila Samson, Dola Dasgupta, Georgia O'Keeffe, my children Raghu and Zoya, Anne Ohman, Erica Chase Salerno, Anna Brown, Sandra Dodd, Ashwini Pawar, my sister Veena, are some of the most important inspirations to me during this 37th year of my life.  I owe them all a great debt. A debt of enormous proportions.  One that cannot be re-paid.  They are all different parts of my self.

Happy New Year and love to all who read here. 


  1. Loving you back, Hema, and feeling such inspiration from your recent Shine post and now to connect with this new blog - Yay! I feel like I really heart-to-heart in your words. xoxoxo

  2. In the book Eat Pray Love, Gilbert translates an Italian phrase un'amica stretta, which means a close friend "...stretta literally means tight, as in clothing, like a tight skirt. So a close friend, in Italian, is one that you can wear tightly, snug against your skin.." I feel like it describes how i felt about you despite our short acquaintance. :-)